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Sign up for new accounts in minutes

With just a few clicks you can become a customer of Arion bank and enjoy all the benefits we have to offer.

Basic Package

Ideal for young people and people choosing a simpler lifestyle.

  • A standard debit card for your daily financial activities
  • Add a savings account to set money aside for special occasions
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Premium Package

Tailored for your every day needs and puts all the best banking services into a single package.

  • Debit card for your daily financial activities
  • A savings account to set money aside for special life occasions
  • Credit card offering delayed payments and insurance, ideal for online shopping and travelling
  • Reduced annual and transaction fees
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Student Package

Banking made easy for students, allowing you to focus on the challenges and joys of student life.

  • Debit card with no annual fee and lower transaction costs
  • A savings account to set a little bit aside
  • Blue credit card offering discounts with various partners
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A very simple process

Only 3 simple steps and you are signed up. It only takes a few moments to register for our services wherever and whenever you want. You'll get instant access to the app, online bank and your cards will be sent to your home.

Electronic ID

You can log in to the online bank and Arion app with electronic ID and SMS authentication. We encourage the use of eID for mobile devices to simplify online activities.

You can check here whether your SIM card is compatible with eID and get further details

Our customers enjoy a range of services

We offer free meetings with our financial advisors who will assist with all your needs. Whether it be loans, stocks, insurance, pension or something else, we'll help you get your finances in order.

You can apply for a custody account through our online bank. We offer a selection of funds to invest in and real time trading with Icelandic stocks.

If you need assistance, you can contact us by phone, email, online chat or by visiting one of our many branches.

Frequently asked questions

The process only takes about 5 minutes from start to finish.

If you are a student you should choose the Student package to get all the range of benefits. The Basic package suits you if you only want accounts but no credit card. If you want a credit card you should choose Premium.

To be able to finish the signup from home you need to have an eID. If you don't have an eID you are welcome to visit your nearest branch and we will sign you up in a few minutes.

Your accounts will be ready for use immediately after the signup.

You can choose your limit within a predefined range.

If you have an eID you do not have to visit a branch.

To close your accounts, cards etc. at your former bank you have to contact us or your former bank. With that being said we‘re currently working on offering this service online.

You should try to restart your mobile device. If that doesn‘t work, feel free to contact us.

Your cards will be sent to your home within five business days.